Multi-Channel Branding

Multi-Channel Branding

Multi-Channel Packages include:

  • Targeted Email

  • Full Redeployment

  • Digital Display & Mobile Ads

  • In-Depth Reporting Across Each Channel

Reach customers across ALL devices - phone, tablet and desktop

Top 6 reasons WHY you should utilize a multi-channel campaign

  1. Eliminate Fraud and maximize your marketing spend.

  2. Reach customers across ALL devices - phone, tablet & desktop

  3. A Synergistic effect produces 20-30% lift in engagement compared to a single channel campaign

  4. Ensure your message is seen and reinforced resulting in greater brand recognition and increased ROI

  5. Expand your reach without expanding your marketing dollars

  6. Generate potential new customers from increased traffic to your website and retail location

Behind the Curtain - How Technology Meets Strategy

Benefits of Protecting Your Campaign Against Fraud

  • Problem - 40% of ALL ad spend is fraudulent

  • Solution - Deterministic link between email address & device ID to actual individual

  • Results - 1st party data eliminating ALL FRAUD = Real Results by utilizing 100% of your ad spend

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