Marketing Campaign Coaching

If your email marketing campaign doesn’t meet open rate expectations or your direct mail lists don’t provide projected returns, it’s very rarely the fault of any one factor. There are many essential elements involved in every email or direct mail marketing campaign. Most list providers offer data recommendations and stop right there. Not Focus USA. We work closely with every client upon request to test, analyze and improve the outcomes of your direct response marketing campaign.

In addition to providing in-depth deliverability validation, when you partner with Focus USA, our experienced Response Strategists utilize their years of industry experience to help you spot problem areas, avoid common mistakes and optimize the performance of your integrated, direct mail or email marketing strategy. The end result is a significant, measurable improvement in your customer acquisition, loyalty and branding campaigns.

When it comes to designing the best digital marketing campaign strategies and approaches, we use our extensive knowledge and experience to implement real-time adjustments and analyses based on initial responders. Your Response Strategist will also provide tactical advice and recommendations for optimizing the effects of your offer. This service includes content and subject line suggestions as well as testing options like A/B splits and step-ladder approaches where we split your single blast into multiple stages in order to gauge results and adjust tactics.

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