Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing is an easy, effective, measurable and affordable way to acquire new customers, enhance your branding efforts and encourage increased customer loyalty. Email promotions and offers generate immediate action: sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations, etc.

Given that the vast majority of today’s consumers are making purchasing decisions online, the one channel that must not be overlooked in an effectively integrated marketing campaign is email. Communicating with your prospects and customers in the interactive online marketplace is one of the best ways to enhance retention and drive response.

But opening up this powerful interactive dialogue with your customers requires email addresses. These addresses may be gathered at point of sale and through online opt-ins, but if you’re a typical marketer, as much as 50 percent of your house file contains no email. This means you’re losing a valuable opportunity to engage with your customers.

Focus USA offers you the ability to economically and accurately enhance your customer files with accurate email addresses from our growing database of more than 170 million consumers. This file consists of individuals who have opted in to receive third-party offers and who look forward to receiving electronic correspondence targeted to their areas of interest.

We can also incorporate our extensive offline, lifestyle and individual interest demographics to create the most responsive email data lists for your email marketing campaigns. Focus USA follows all FTC and DMA guidelines and ensures that emails transmitted on behalf of our clients comply with the CAN SPAM Act.

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