Targeted Digital Display Ads

Soft Campaign Results? Rescue the Campaign & Improve ROI with Retargeting!

Have your recent campaigns lacked luster? Protect your marketing spend and extend the life of your campaign with targeted digital display. We can pixel your website and drive customers back to the site with effective banner advertising. This can be accomplished in 3-4 days.

Serve ads to people who have previously engaged with your brand online. Over 95% of users leave websites without converting, and over 72% of users abandon their shopping carts. Retargeting brings these users back and transforms them into buyers.

Retargeting ads can have a conversion that is up to 5X greater than traditional ads. We will drop a cookie on a recognized user and serve them banner ads – a simple and quick process. Site Retargeting will support postal and email campaigns to improve conversion.

Call Focus USA at 201-489-2525 or email us to extend the life of your campaign by – by driving visitors back to the site to re-engage. Ask us about our low-risk minimum budgets and save the day.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Focus USA’s digital display advertising solutions are the ultimate link between offline and online data. Using our comprehensive consumer database, we help companies target the individual consumers most likely to buy, utilizing the same targeting criteria that they would on a direct mail or email marketing campaign. As part of our Digital Integration & Transitioning service, we can also coordinate integrated marketing solutions by launching a banner ad on the same day your acquisition mailing drops or your email campaign deploys to the same precision-targeted audience.

The benefits of Focus USA’s digital display advertisements include:

  • Relevant ad delivery to your ideal audience
  • Increased effectiveness of email and direct mail marketing
  • Customer base growth
  • Increased conversions

Retention & Reactivation

Why buy back your customers using external lists? Digital display advertisements from Focus USA are also a great way to re-engage past or inactive customers. Used in conjunction with our ReFocus Retention Program, digital display ads help you reactivate the inactive members of your consumer list for a fraction of the cost.

Try it on a portion of your file. Simply send us your inactive customers and we will help you find and target these individuals online. If you like the results, we’ll help you roll it out to your entire inactive customer file. The whole process is simple and the responses from our digital display ads are immediate.

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