Data Enhancement Solutions

Your best prospects are very often your own customers. Sometimes all they need to re-engage is a different approach: whether it’s direct mail, mobile or email marketing. In addition to your normal direct marketing efforts, try enhancing your existing customer list with a cross-channel data append.

Focus USA’s data enhancement services help you improve the deliverability and response rates of your consumer or B2B mailing lists. By appending demographic and transactional data, shopping habits, lifestyle information and credit-related data to your customer records and incorporating all possible touch-points -- email, phone and postal -- our team of Response Strategists and Database Architects optimizes response and increases the reach of your direct marketing, customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns.

The benefits of enhancing your customer file with Focus USA include:

  • Opening new channels of customer communication
  • Increasing understanding of your customer
  • Expanding your marketing options
  • Increasing ease of up-selling or cross-selling products and services
  • Identifying the most profitable segments of your customer file
  • Utilizing a multi-channel approach by integrating email, postal and mobile marketing
  • Engaging your customers to enhance loyalty

Just send us your current customer file and Focus USA will append email addresses, postal delivery information or mobile phone numbers according to your needs. Our master database of nearly 170 million total contacts means we most likely have the necessary records on file to match your customers. Of course, you only pay for successfully enhanced records. As an added benefit, we will transmit an initial permission message for you to alert your customers that they will be receiving relevant offers via email or text message and to give them an opportunity to easily opt-out of future messages.

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