Customer Reactivation 

Why Reactivation?

Focus USA’s Customer Reactivation program enables you to tap into your next greatest asset next to your current customers – your inactive customers. Rather than buying back your former customers through outside list sources, we can help you determine which of your inactives have the greatest likelihood of becoming active again and therefore should be solicited.

As much as 50% of these inactives can become active customers again, at a fraction of the cost of acquiring new customers from outside list sources. And since these are your own customers, you own the names and can re-solicit the non-responders as often as you like without having to pay again for the name rental. It’s easy!

Focus USA’s Customer Reactivation program offers clients the opportunity to analyze your mailing list of inactive customers and determine the individuals most likely to become active again. Once this target has been established and your email or direct mail marketing list has been segmented, you can tailor your next campaign to target these key inactive contacts. And since you already own these lapsed customer records, your costs are sharply reduced.


Benefits of Reactivation

  • Reduce mailing costs
  • Costs less to reactivate lapsed customers
  • 50% chance of signing up again

Customer Retention

Why Retention?

It costs more to seek out and secure new customers than to keep the ones you already have. Therefore, in addition to conducting regular customer loyalty campaigns, it’s a good idea to periodically reach out to your inactive customer lists. Research suggests that, with the right message and approach, as much as 50% of your inactive customer base will re-engage and continue doing business with your company.

The Customer Retention program provides a substantial ROI that will benefit your bottom line and help you increase customer retention and loyalty.

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