Customer Insight

Learning as much as your can about you customers pays big dividends for all your marketing plans including: new customer acquisition, retention and reactivation. A customer insight analysis can help you do this. When you partner with Focus USA for your direct mail and email campaigns, we will conduct the industry’s most thorough and extensive customer insight of your current customer base.

Keeping existing customers informed, connected and satisfied not only leads to lower attrition rates but creates new opportunities for sales by maintaining loyal customers as well as up-selling and cross-selling to them. Costs for this can be a fraction of the cost of new customer acquisition. Re-activating former customers can also prove more efficient than new customer acquisition and should be part of every company’s ongoing strategy for building and maintaining a customer base.

Customer Insight Benefits

  • Segment and target more efficiently
  • Create new sales opportunities
  • Find your best responders
  • Maintain customer loyalty
  • Lower attrition rates
  • Improve re-activation rates
  • Lower costs
  • Increase ROI

Focus USA’s Customer Insight takes your customer insight analysis a step further than others on the market by incorporating 1500+ data variables in its investigatory process. These include such key data sets as: Behavioral, Transactional, Credit and Online. Each variable is indexed and analyzed individually. This Focus advantage generates the most accurate and precise “blueprint” of your customers within the Focus USA databases. Compare this to a standard profiling technique which analyzes your customer file based upon a more limited data variable set. A limited variable set produces a more limited picture of your customer.

Customer Insight produces a complete customer insight analysis which allows us to segment and target those people most likely to respond to a specific offer, thereby providing tactical marketing direction for your customer acquisition, reactivation or upselling and cross-selling campaigns. This will dramatically increase your ROI by saving expenses through better initial targeting and through an increased response rate.

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